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  aaa Lets Talk!!

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     action group
To access this restricted forum contact Jane Gronow at or phone (08) 8231 0900
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  CCDB disbanded - Australia Council Restrucuture!
On Tues 7th December 2004 the Australia Council disbanded the CCDB and New Media Arts Board. In response to the outcry of the arts community , a scoping study is underway to propose to the Australia Council new strategies and programs to achieve the Council’s policy objectives for its new Community Partnerships section, including community cultural development. The reference group, with oversight of the Community Partnerships Scoping Study, will be chaired by Ann Dunne, former chair of the Community Cultural Development Board (CCDB).
72 24 268497 open
This site was designed to act as a catalyst for developing relationships between practitioners, organisations and communities in Australia and beyond. The Australia Council for the Arts no longer continues to fund this site however the site will continue to exist with your support, through active participation! To continue a level of representation - created by you the CCD community to reflect, discuss and represent a practise which is in danger of losing support and relevance in today’s political climate - it is now up to YOU, members, to determine your future and shape the future of how you want the practise supported and profiled into the future. Enter this forum to join the discussion.
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  Artwork Magazine

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  Artwork 61 - Leadership and Activism - Jun 2005
What do the terms Leadership and Activism mean in a current context? Interestingly, the arts and cultural sectors have become very active since the Ozco restructure proposal was announced in Dec 2004 but have they adopted a "policy of taking direct and militant action to achieve a political or social goal". Does ccd work always have elements of both leadership and activism? Is it inherent in the philosophy of ccd and how does this translate to action. This edition examines current leadership theory and practice and contextualises the activism occurring in relation to the Ozco restructure proposal by the sector.
3 3 13565 open
In considering the images for this edition we contrasted the works of activist group "We are all Boat People" with historical images from CAN SA archives of political posters. We have details for some of these images but we put out the call to readers for help to fill in the gaps in regard to these posters. If you were involved in the process, production or printing of any of these images or if you are interested in a discussion about the Australian political posters we have set up this online forum for you to share you thoughts stories or involvement with any of these works.
4 3 18365 open
  Artwork Issue 62 - 3D Symposium – Discuss – Document – Disseminate.
3D, a symposium of artists working with communities, to develop an overview of current practices and discuss issues of development: community; professional and creative. Produced in collaboration with the National Editorial Committee and the 3D editorial team, this issue of artwork attempts to articulate and extend some of the discussions that took place, and the recommendations made during the 3D Symposium.
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  ccd and open source
CCD and Open Source - what are the possiblities? If you want to find out more read this article about and open source and check out the forum!
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  ccd lingo
Language and definitions used in community cultural development - social capital, consultation, artsworker and the term ccd itself.
22 10 157312 open
  ccd recollections
Piece together the history and stories of community based arts practice and community cultural development.
10 8 82169 open
  Copyright and Community Cultural Development
Discussion about copyright issues and the impacts on community arts based practise.
1 1 6780 open
  NACA - Manifesto Working Group
A restricted forum for those who attended the NACA face to face meeting in Sydney Sept 2005. The forum is to develop a manifesto for the National Arts and Cultural Alliance.
2 2 27 restricted
  Responses to don`t give up your day job report
This forum provides ccd artsworkers with the chance to respond to the Australia Council publication, Dont Give Up Your Day Job and economic study of professional artists in Australia.
23 5 80389 open
  Test drive
Take a test drive of forums - this is the place where there are NO mistakes :)
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  What do you think about
We'd love to hear your thoughts on Whether it's the layout, ease of use or the forums, give us your feedback.
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4 projects

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  Adelaide Fringe 2004 - Hearsay Project
Arts project with refugees and asylum seekers of the Baxter Detention Centre (Port Augusta) to create a visual art installation for the 2004 Adelaide Fringe.
Project details>>
18 7 84098 open
The CyberJazz Live project will produce an immersive, live music venue, in virtual reality (VR) on the Internet. Showcasing to a worldwide audience, the first ever-virtual band, which perform live from multiple internet locations.
Project details>>
3 1 13250 open


  Education and Training

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  Arts Trainess Rool!!!!!!! - 2005
Very important business - Arts AdminTrainee block for 2005 are in here discussing their amazing plans for the launch of...... Its restricted so stay tuned for outcomes
66 22 632 restricted


  Funding and resources

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  OzCo cuts to CCDB funding budget
Open discussion of responses to cuts to CCDB funding budget in 2004
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  Professional Development

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If you have an up and coming Conference or information about previous conferences, consider entering your information on this forum to spread the word.
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  Discovering Cultural Connections in Spain
In February Granollers Council in Spain are hosting a conference to discuss the topics of involving city administrations into CCD process as well as organising successful fundraising. Two speakers from Australia, Jane Gronow National Project Officer for and Artwork Magazine and Georgie Davill, Training and Development Coordinator from Community Arts Network South Australia will be speaking at the conference to talk about different concepts of community and which different art forms can successfully be employed for CCD processes. Join with them on their journey through Spain, journalling thoughts ideas and interactions.
1 1 7466 open
  International Exchange - a real experience or just an exotic drop in the ocean?
Is international exchange between Australia and developing countries, a real experience of benefit to both sides, or just an exotic drop in the ocean?
2 2 8671 open
  Out There and Everywhere
Young and Emerging Artists Initiative re our young leaders in residencies overseas in 2003.
77 40 430569 open
  Out There Green Room
Restricted Forum for the Participants of the 'Out There Everywhere Program'
43 17 411 restricted
  Profiling `arts and health` in 2004 - Australia
An ongoing discussion for all those interested in Arts, Health and Wellbeing. Moderated by members of ANAH - the Australian Network fo Arts & Health. Starts July 2004
14 7 51027 open
  Restricted Forum for Triennial Clients
Restricted Forum - contact to access this discussion.
6 3 101 restricted
  Timor-Leste arts and community development
This open forum is for arts and community workers with experience or knowledge of Timor-Leste to share contacts, experiences and information that will add to the coordination of Australian and East Timorese community cultural development projects and skills development. Starts 15th Sept 2004, ends 1st April 2005.
3 2 13627 open
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